Bristol Insight

We were commissioned to re-brand Bristol's established open top bus touring company Bristol Insight. It included the re-naming and full re-design and branding of the company (formally known as City Sightseeing Bristol). Projects were varied and wide ranging - from the design of a new pin badge right through to full double decker bus livery design!

New logo

The new logo was designed around the "Bristol Scroll" - and given a modern twist. This gave a flavour of the history of Bristol, but also reflected the modern vibe of the city, and accurately represents the experience passengers will get on the bus tour.


Fully responsive website featuring e-commerce ticket sales page, interactive route planner, timetable page, video and facebook feed.


Vehicle Livery

The vehicle livery for Bristol Insight's double decker buses was designed with new images and the new logo. Photographs of Bristol, some quite abstract, were used longside the new logo - giving prospective customers an idea of what they could see on the tour. Bright red Two Pack Acrylic Enamel paint and Glitter Metal Flake vinyl gave an extra wow factor!

Leaflet and map design

Leaflet design: 140,000 leaflets circulated around the South West area. The leaflet held a huge amount of information in an 8 page DL format - but all was displayed in a "user friendly" and attractive way.

Map design: A seperate map was designed to maximise exposure of Bristol Insight to visitors to the city. It was designed to be a "tourist" map and gave directions to other attractions around the city. It was widely used by hotels and the Tourist Information Centre.



Press and magazine advertising were used to attract the visitor to Bristol but also the local residents (who generally thought they knew everything about Bristol - until they came on the bus!)